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The Natural & Organic Fun Makeup range for Children from Boosily is just perfect for little divas!


What little girl has not experimented with her mum's lipstick, nail polish or other makeup?

And once they are in their pre-teen they become more interested in makeup.


With Boosily Children's Natural Makeup, our princesses can have great fun experimenting makeup without being worried about what's in it.

Our Fun Makeup for Kids includes:

  • Dazzling Natural Eyeshadow in a wide selection of beautiful colours
  • Natural & Organic Lipgloss suitable for all princesses and divas
  • Gorgeous and glamorous Natural Face & Body Sparkle for the real stars

Also, check out our new fantastic range of Natural and Organic Stage Makeup for Children that is suitable for both girls and boys.

We believe good habits start at a young age! 

Please ALWAYS make sure your child is playing with her Boosily's fun makeup with an adult supervision.


Not suitable for children under 3 years.


Kids Play Make up, All Natural Makeup, All Safe, All Fun....


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