Schools Fundraising

Schools Fundraising



Can we help with your fund raising? With Boosily natural makeup for children we are here to make a difference to our children's health by offering safe play makeup. And more, we donate a percentage of our profits to national children’s charities, and help schools with their fund raising events. 

How it works?

When you have an event at your school which is open to parents simply invite us along and find us some space and a table. We will work with you to make parents aware of the event.  We then bring to your school two gorgeous show cases:
-    Boosily fun and natural makeup products for children
-    Our parent company Jardé natural & organic makeup for mums

On the day, not only we’ll give 10% discount to parents for buying Boosily and Jardé products, we will donate 15% of the sales to the school!

And there is more...for every school that we participate in their fund raising activities; we provide an eCoupon for discounts on the and   www.  This means for every purchase that a mum or dad make they receive a 5% discount and 15% of the sale will be automatically donated to their school.  This is what we love to see - helping school to rais fund with us!

We would love to help your school, so please contact us.