Dazzling Natural Eyeshadow

Dazzling Natural Eyeshadow

£5.00 / unit(s)

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Made with the top grade natural ingredients, our beautiful range of Natural Mineral Eyeshadow colours are suitable makeup for children as they are hypoallergenic and gentle on skin. They come with a beautiful piece of jewellery to add more glam!


Disclaimer - The colour image on the website may not show exactly the same colour as the actual product colour due to different computer monitors.

Product variations
Fairy Resetta
Colour: Fairy Resetta
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Iridessa Fairy
Colour: Iridessa Fairy
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Purple Fairy
Colour: Purple Fairy
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Fairy Silver
Colour: Fairy Silver
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Green Fairy
Colour: Green Fairy
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Blue Bell
Colour: Blue Bell
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Blue Fairy
Colour: Blue Fairy
£5.00 / unit(s) *
Gold Star
Colour: Gold Star
£5.00 / unit(s) *
* All prices include VAT & exclude delivery

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